Do I need to put my bike up on a stand?

Do I need to put my bike up on a stand or is the stock kickstand okay if sitting for long periods of time? I saw a thread on winterizing and Clark4131 said to put the bike up on a stand off of the wheels. What are the pros and cons? What happens to bike if just on the kickstand?

If the bike is going to sit for a long period of time (like for the winter), put it on a stand. Leaving the bike on the kickstand leaves weight on the tires and springs. In theory, the springs could loose a bit of their "spring" if left on the kickstand and in theory the tires could get a flat spot. I have never personally seen the tires have a problem, but the springs will go a little flat.

A stand is always a good idea. However I did keep my old bike on its kick stand for a season and it did no harm

You don't need a stand..... my bikes are fine!

I only put them on a stand when I work on them.

If I was going to park it up for a few months, I would put it on a stand. But that is personal choice.

I always have my bike on a stand when it's in the garage, but that's because it takes up less room that way and I have 3 other bikes, a 3-seat PWC, a gunsafe, refrigerator, 3 gorilla racks, welder, shop sink, rolling tool chest and my wife's Sequoia to contend with. Needless to say, space is at a premium. If you are storing the bike for more than a month, then it's a good idea for all the reasons mentioned. It's more important for street tires and much heavier vehicles due to the tire deformation issue. But, every little bit of preventative maintenance helps...SC

Put it on a stand and put cover on top of it also

Timo Mc

Good call on the cover, I forgot that one. However, make sure it's not stored in a place where condensation can form underneath. Then you've got rust, rot and mildew issues to deal with...SC

Put it on a stand and put cover on top of it also

Timo Mc

Yep, I got a nice vented cover and air out the bike and clean at least every two weeks to prevent rust, rot, and mildew. I knew about the flat spots on the tires but I wasn't sure about affects on the suspension, frame, bearings, etc. Thanks for the help.

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