where to get chain/sprockets/guides?

I'm looking for a good business to buy a good chain, sprockets, and upper chain guide, for a reasonable price.

anybody know of a good place?

where not to go?

I always deal with Jeff at MXSOUTH.COM He is fair and will beat any advertised price, and my parts always arrive when they say they will.

Bonzai :)

Check with Greg at MotoFrugals>> http://www.motofrugals.com/ great guy and will give you a great price. Just let him know what brand you would like, if he don't have it he will get it.


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DO NOT buy from Rocky Mountain ATV. After reading many post about chains and doing some searching on the net. I settled on the DID ERT (non o-ring), this is the chain the factories use and has plenty of tensil strength (8400 lbs). At $59 I thought a O-ring couldn't be twice as good for twice the price???? I ordered the chain and some other parts including a chain breaker (since the chain only comes in 120 links). I got my order today along with a catalog.

In the catalog it says Rocky M will cut the ERT to your requested length. I called and complained about the smashed oil filter and the fact I bought the chain breaker, thinking I needed it and the customer service rep did not offer this. My only option was to send the chain and breaker back to them at my cost, have them cut the chain and return it to me (at my cost). I live in Pa and they are in Utah, this would have added another two weeks minimum to recieving my order correctly.

After they told me to return everything I told them I was involved with a website related to off-road MC's (didn't tell them which site) and I was going to post my treatment by RM. I didn't tell them initially. I wanted to see how they would treat John Q Public.

Then they told me I could use the chain breaker to shorten my chain and then they would issue a call tag for the filter and breaker.

They failed to remedy the situation until I pressed tham as someone other than John Q. Public. I will NOT be spending anymore money with them.

Kazi is right and I should have called Jeff at MX South. Jeff has always treated me well, provided great service at a competitive price and matched or tried to match any price out there.


i am pretty sure that not every person who deals with any one company are 100% pleased. Mistakes happen. Rocky mountian ATV is great. They have the lowest prices. if something isn't right snd it back they are VERY good about it. They are in utah. They ship out same day. YOu get the stuff in like 3 or 4 days. Dont go judgeing this company of of one persons mistake and bad expierience. That is just crappy. As far as breaking a chain goes if you don have a breaker take it to the local shop. it takes them 5 minuites at most and usually do it for free. Rocky mountian has great customer service. You just have to use them. i have ordered from them about 20 times or so with nothing ever going wrong.

I second the positve comments about Rocky Mountain. I have had great luck with them. They'll tell you the shipping charges up front and tell you if things are in-stock, unlike some of the other scheisters out there.

I've also had good dealings with Bobs Cycle Supply.

Well after reading your post I feel I have to reply!!I also have had great luck with rocky mountain ordered at least 20 times!!Your problem with you chain shows a lack of general motor cycle knowledge.You can grind a link off your own chain in about 3 mins on any home grinding wheel.As far as ordering a chain braker thats what you ordered ,its not there fault you dont need it!! I have ridden off road for over 45 years so I think I know what I am talking about!!When you order from a mail order house you usually get a young man or women getting min wage you cant expect them to know what you want or need! I suggest you do your homework before you order anything over the phone or go down to your local bike shop and talk to some one there!!I have ordered stuff from most of the mail order houses and rocky mountain is by far the cheapest and fastest!!My 2 cents Ps try chaparral if you like getting bend over!!!!!!!!! :)


:) OK maybe I should not have said, do not use Rocky but, GEEZ attacking me personally........... Terry try some de-caf.

I only related my experience and did not feel they offered me any satifactory alternative (after I received my order) until I pressed the issue.

Check your PM.


One more comment about Rocky Mountain. I live up the road from RM and these guys have always been great! I have always received a good deal and if I have ever exchanged anything and I am short on another product they eat the difference!


I just ordered a ton of parts from RMatv. They are the cheapest I could find and have a very nice website.


thanks guys, joe :)

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