Pics of Clarke 4.3 gallon tank on XR650R

Looks great dude!

That thing is SWEET!

Even the plate:thumbsup:


I am looking at your rear tire. It looks like you are riding on the left side more than the right? Tony

The Bike looks Killer!! What size rim and tire set-up do you have??

daaamn... so clean, so virgin))

Its a 17 x 5.00 wheel

Looks great!:crazy: I'm installing the same tank on mine. Any chain rub wit that 5" rim? Did you have the wheel laced with a slight offset? You have a 160 on it right?

Yes, the wheel has offset. Had to modify the chain block a little. No big deal with a little grinding, Also it has a heavy duty o-ring chain but never any problems with the chain hitting the tire.

I see 4 pics of wheels and exhaust stuff. ?????????????

Where's the bike pics?

All I see are exhaust, carb & wheel take-offs. try it.

Dude that thing gives me major wood :crazy:

Where are you in mass? I'm there too and have a very similar setupon my XR

Nice ride...Just a quick FYI, one of the small coolant lines is directly under the tank (right side) towards the the top of the frame. This line can become pinched with under normal riding conditions (tank movement over time). Thus, you will leak coolant slightly. I have the same tank on my 650R, so beware...Be cool:ride: try it.

Yes, that's a lovely RED bike.

Friggin Honda!

Why the devil can't they just pump a few thousand of these into the market from their showrooms ?


Hi TommieZZ. I dont know if you got my pm inquiring about you front number plate & side panel graphics but are those custom made or is it a kit you can purchase? Super nice bike by the way.

The graphics are from Factory Backing. They have different patterns & colors to choose from for the XR. The black highlights on the side panels & rear fender were made from black background sheets. I have to give thanks:applause: to my son Justin for installing them & comeing up with the idea for the highlights.

Right now I am in Salt Lake City but should be back to Melrose, Mass. after the 1st of the year.

I'm in Newton. We'll have to hook up for a ride.

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