does any one know what a 2000 wr400 would be worth stock??

Hey guys and/or gals i am new to this forum but i was wondering if you guys could help me out. I am selling my street bike and some one offered me a trade of a 2000 wr400 but i dont know all that much about them. any help would be great i.e. rough price for one that is "clean" it appears to be stock from the pic but i wouldnt know (to be honest). I noticed a head light in the pic is this a dual purpose/enduro or a trail bike???

thanks guys

P.S. i have a 2000 R6 with 19000 miles with rough/missing plastics (i hit a deer) but runs like a champ is it worth the trade????

From what I read here they're fairly pricey (Still), but I picked mine up for 2300 CND, with a few extras but mainly stock - runs like a charm but does show it's been used over the years.

I've seen some going for 3500 us with cali plates - now from what I read, the plates alone are worth 3-500 bones.

thanks for the response thats not that bad but i dont think it would be worth the trade unless he had some cash to to offer with it and by "cali plates" do you mean license plates? or is that mean it has options or are "plates" something to pass cali emitions to be leagal or something?

is there any other opinions out there to lend a hand???

I personally would pay no more than $2000-$2200 for a wr400 if it were in really, really good shape. Maybe less if it was beat up. After all, its an older bike that has undergone 3 or 4 changes. Its lost weight, had estart, upgraded suspension and now an aluminum frame.

However, it will still be a fun ride.

But if I had an R6 whose only problem were missing plastics, I might be trying to keep it. That bike, with the plastics, might be worth at least $3000-$3500, right?

yea just about but it needs a little more than just plastics. But i guess its only worth what how much i will get out of the WR. There isnt too many places to ride offroad around my house (at least legaly) so i might be better off holding on to the R6.

Thanks for the input

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