the super-duper-trap

just was tinkerin, fairly simple, aluminum ring plates and end plate spaced with washers. Sounds and works like the real thing for about 3 bucks. Bolts right up to your stock pipe.


Good job! Very resourceful. Best part is it doesn't look home-made. How does it sound and perform?

What a cool idea, did you machine the discs, hole saw or what? what Id did you use. Looks like something I'd like to play with. :)

damnit, I hate it when people are that much smarter than I am.....



I just used scrap aluminum, what ever was around. I think the thinner plates are 1/16th and the end plate is maybe 3/16. I cut all the disc's out on my band saw to 4 inch diameter. I hole saw drilled the thin plates to 2 inches. I made a template of the bolt pattern to drill the bolt holes. I stacked them and drill them all at once with a 1/4 inch drill bit. The washers are just some thin brass washers to evenly space the plates. The best washers would be aircraft thin grade, since there a consistant thickness and come quite thin. If i got serious about this I would lazer cut or stamp the disc's out or stainless. This baffle tunes like the supertrapp. BTW, the spark areester was removed. Today I tried it with 2 more plates than shown and it wasn't much quiter than uncorked. As it is shown now the sound is quieter than uncorked but not by much, but still pulls like it's uncorked. If this buggs me to much I will either go thinner on the washers and add plates to keep the flow the same or remove one more plate and see what happens to the top end. Just as supertrapp says the disc's are tuna-able. You know, supertrapps 4 inch disc has a 3 bolt pattern, wouldn't that be funny if there bolt pattern was the same a yamaha.


Great Idea, a buddy of mine bought the Pro-Circuit end cap and quiet core for his Canadian stock WR exhaust. He cut a bigger hole in the end of the muffler and bolted it right on . $80 US but it works great.


great idear ;your got me thinking

oh boy see what you started. We are going to have frankinWR's out there. Some that pick up CRF's and smash them to oblivian. Just kidding red heads. Great idea. I should start tinkering.

UPDATE: I changed out the washers to a thin AN4 1/4 inch aircraft grade. The washers are 25 thou. The pipe is sounding pretty good. Kept the same amount of plates.

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