2007 shock spring rate

The manual says my '07 stock shock spring is a 5.5. Racetech says its a 5.3 and that i need a 5.4. I'm about 180 without gear and race xc's in open expert but mostly ride woods. I think i need a slightly stiffer rear spring. Any opinions or personal experience would be greatly appreciated.

At 180, you can figure you're right around 200 with gear, camelbak, etc. I'd go with a Racetech 5.6. Racetech's recommendations are notoriously on the light side. I think it's because they factor in their valving as well. Without it, it's pretty much a given that you need to go up a step. I'm running 5.8, and I would probably be better off with a 6.0, but I weigh 225 in my birthday suit...SC

but I weigh 225 in my birthday suit...SC

Thank you for leaving us with such a nice visual:eek: :crazy:

It wouldn't be so bad if I wasn't 5'2"...SC

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