2008 Yz450,3 Hours Old

OMG YOU TOO!!!!!!!!!!!! I was also 3 hours at the track with my new 2008, breaking it in when a idiot comes and acts like were on train tracks. I fell and then he landed his bike straight into my subframe.....snap. The subframe is cheezed. My pipe is ok tho. I just need a new AIRBOX and SUBFRAME. If you guys can help me find those things that would be great.

Call North county Yamaha at 1-800-225-1629 and talk to Kenney or Jason and they will get the stuff at a great price. You can't beat ncy for oem parts.

Ouch - glad you are ok.....:crazy:

and thats why I wont buy a carbon fiber pipe....:D

Question. Does this false neutral happen in high rpms? This has me really worried now and im starting to wonder if my next bike should be a different colour because of this. I was going with yamaha again for 08 but now that i read this, i would rather ride a crf and worry about valves and check them often than ride a yamaha and worry about my neck.

I dont think it happens much, I think something else must have happened. I have only hit a false neutral on my 08 with lazy shiffting, but since break in and a few oil changes it doesnt do it at all anymore.

I've seen toasted cranks come out of engines that were using paper filters, too, even from engines running two filters in tandem. Until you can categorically state from forensic evidence what the exact cause of the failure was, you can't even legitimately suspect the filter.

But be that as it may, it should also be mentioned that there is an enormous difference between a Scotts and the OEM brass mesh filters. These latter filters have a much coarser mesh, and will filter to only 75-85 microns, less than half as fine as a Scotts. People will sometimes use them as a low cost substitute for a Scotts without realizing this, and invite problems in so doing. But, of course, those filters were put in place by the same all-knowing engineers that built the bike, no?

I believe you are correct. The filter i pulled out of a crf motor was mesh, but it didn't look especially "FINE".... Neither did the guys crankshaft. Furthur, i saw a toasted crank on a bike using a screen mesh type filter but it also had an aftermarket filter cover that looked really suspect. You make very good points/counterpoints and its very refreshing to hear!! I don't know, i guess i'm just an OEM kinda guy.

As I pointed out in the discussion of the differences in the two filter types, they each have their merits and their shortcomings. A choice has to be made between them, and I chose the Scotts.

In a perfect world, all dirt bikes would have two oil filters in tandem, and then I'd run a Scotts in the #1 spot to ensure there was nothing whatever in the oil larger than 35 microns, and follow it with a "paper" type to try to pick out some of the finer stuff.

But, alas... :crazy:


This is how my back looked after the crash.

No skin off, just brusing. I still have no idea why the bike jumped out of gear, i think i will put it down to a bad shift on my part.:D

I run a paper filter in bike and change the oil every ride.

One thing i do know now is that i am definatley buying a LEATT brace,as my doctor said i was very lucky to have bruised spine and not a broken one.

AS for the damage to my bike, i am never again putting carbon fibre on again.

No muffler would have survived the cartwheeling my bike did, an alloy will be more practical for me from now on.:crazy:

IMG_2170 (Small).JPG


That is scary stuff.

Glad you were OK in the end..

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