cover or no cover?

Purchased a 04 650l last week and started doing the mods today ( daves carb mod, uni filter, snorkel removed, smog removed, supertrapp ids ) and noticed that there was no cover on the left side of the air box. Only thing covering the left side of the filter was the number plate. Went to the dealer for a few other parts and asked for a part number for the cover and the guy working said it didnt show as having one. Clearly there looks like an outline for a gasket and a cover on the left side of the air box. What gives?? Second question; give me a starting point for a Mj & Pj with above mods at sea level 50-75 degrees. Thanks, Brian

The left side panel, or number plate as you call it, IS the cover. It has an inside ridge that fits snuggly against the rubber gasket.

When I took the cover off and saw the air box exposed that's the first place I looked, but the inside of my side panel is smooth :confused: . I quess thats why it didnt seem to fit very well, must not be the stock piece. Thanks, that settles that mystery. Anyone on the mj & pj?

is there no sealing edge on the number plate? should be. also run 158/55.

Most likely it could be a xr600 or 650r panel.Should get the stock one as it may let in too much air and throw your jetting off.Also it will let a way lot more dirt into the airbox.

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