When to change wheel bearings?

Hey Guys,

I have an 04 wr450 and don't think the wheel bearings have ever been changed.

Are there any warning signs that the bearings are due for a change?

Or do most people just automatically change them every couple of years?

Since I don't know what to look for I am concerned that I may miss all the signs there is a problem and end up damaging the hub too.

You should test it before every ride. If you find excess freeplay then replace.

Just put bike on a stande and try to move tires compared to rear and front axle.

Timo McKeown

I just did mine. There was some sideways movement that was pretty noticeable. I'd say that you'll know when they need doin

Side to side movement when the bike is on a stand is a good indication, and when the wheels are off use your finger to turn the bearing. Any rough feel or fairly hard to turn bearing should be replaced. Bearings are cheaper than buggered hubs.


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