All electrical GONE! but bike runs.

I have a baja designs street leagal kit that has been running fine for about a year.

I was in mexico and next thing I know every electrical component is not working, but he bike runs fine. Good thing it wasn't at night. I checked the fuse and it's fine. I also check for unplugged plugs and found none. What should I do next?

Think of this as a mental pit stop...


There is a metal strip inside the battery that connects the cells. Mine broke and the lights went out. I soldered it back together and no more problems.

I can look it up in the B.D. instruction manual if you cant find /don't have yours, but I specifically recall reading 2 facts: there is a wire connector that disables everything w/o affecting the ignition. And the stator could be out as it is separate from the exciter coil for the ignition and also has no effect on running. P.M. me if you want me to look it up. Happy to. :)

I just spent the last 5 hours in the garage messing with the Baja Designs kit on my bike. All my light went out this past weekend. Like you said, lucky it wasn't at night. It looks like the switch is toast. I cleaned it real well and put some dielectric grease in it. Now I get a tail light, brake light and low beam but no hi beam. I just finished surfing the web looking for a new switch. So far, I have not found a suitable replacement.

I've had nothing but trouble with the BD kit in my WR. It's been on my bike for about 2 years. I'm always having to fix something with it. :)

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Rich, have you called BD about the switch? I'm sure they will warranty it won't they? Keep us posted on what you do in case mine craps out too.

I looked at my battery and it looked pretty worn. So, I took it off and noticed it was leaking some acid and the plastic was melted off. I ordered a new one from BD and they sent it in 2 days! Slam bam, slapped that bisnich in and tooted the horn. I'm a happy camper.



bisnich?? Woha

It screwed up again. I'm having Baja Designs test the Rectifier Regulator and battery I just bought. They'll tell me the results soon. :)

Now I dont have a BD kit but I had all my lights stop working once. The culprit.....a short circuit against the frame. In particular the connector to the banjo bolt? which sits on the rear brake master cylinder.

I sent Baja Designs my regulator and battery for testing. A few weeks later they sent a new regulator and battery for free!

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