XR650R max speed? why cant i go over 91?

2006 650R uncorked

-175 main , B53E needle clip in 3rd pos. , 68s pilot

-exhaust tip drilled out and grinded to max dia screen still intact

-intake boot is the non restrictive one

-XRS only high flow side panel kit, uni air filter and Xrs only high flow screen

I ride at 1000'

Should i be running a bigger main? from what i've read above seems like maybe. fastest i've had the bike was 87mph on med soft dirt(on gps). not really tucked in.

Also i want to install the vapor computer. What type of holders/protectors are you guys using? what works best? any pics?



:prof::bonk: this is my friend xr. img0157ib7xc4.jpgdsc01055ku7ip4.jpg

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