Air Filter Oil?

Call me cheap but tomorrow I am gonna clean the air filter. Take it out washing up liquid clean and then re-oil, I have looked here

and they recommend K&N oil but say any oil will work and the guy is simply using left over clean engine oil. Obviously with changing my oil today I have some clean oil left and I'm wondering if I can use it. I know its only saving me about £15 but still its better than nothing.

Does anyone else just use normal engine oil on their filter?

If your going to do that use alot of motor oil:eek:

I am guessing having never been there but you probably don't ride in a very dusty place!

I rinse with gas, then stick it in a bucket with HOT dish water, rinse, and when it dries I use spray oil ONLY(any brand). You can use regular oil or liquid filter oil but you need to wring it out good that way its even.

The problem with clean motor oil is that its not tacky and it runs to the bottom of the filter. I wouldn't use motor oil in dusty conditions.

There was a bit of an article in one of our Aussie mags about crap you can use for your bike from the supermarket.

There was one thing that caught my eye and that was they said that canola oil works great for air filter oil. :crazy:

Just get a Twinair or No-toil kit for this. It will save time, nerves and health

Timo McKeown

please don't use anything but filter oil.

you'll save a few bucks on the oil, but you're taking a big risk with your engine. i'd rather spend the few bucks (or pounds, or euros) on the right stuff to protect that expensive, high performance engine.

motor oil work fine

Sorry to revive an old thread but thought this was interesting for those asking what oil to use.

Oil is for stopping airborne particals, not water. Its a motorcylce not a boat or submarine.

I used chainsaw bar/chain lube in the past , it is very sticky, won't drain to the bottom of the filter. It is cheap to buy. I applied it with an old automotive type paint sprayer, the ones body/paint shops use; bought it at a garage sale for $2.

One quart of bar/chain lube will go a long way.

people tend to over saturate the foam filter with oil. Go easy with it, you only need a little yet even coverage.

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