Supermoto WR450F or DR-Z SM?!?

Hi Guys, I am new here and I hope I'm not braking any rules! I posted a thread in the DR-Z forum and rather than reposting (cross-forum posting) here I am including a link so I can get some legit WR rider feedback also!

Here is the thread:


Fact of the matter is, whtever you ride, you will endorse... I have never ridden a drz, but looking at the facts alone I can tell you that the wr is much lighter more powerfull and almost as reliable. Its really up to you to decide, sit on the bikes, test drive them each if possible. I would say in general:

Race/track: yz450f, KTM 505, husky 450, etc

Street: drz, xr, husky 610, KTM lc4, etc

Jack of all trades: wr450, husky 510.....

If your not commuting, pick the funest bike possible.... the drz is NOT it IMO :crazy:

I read your other post and for what I think you want it for, a factory DRZ SM would suit your needs, and a WR would suit your wants!!!

My WR450F gives me a sore butt after a while in the saddle.

I have raced my WR-450 against KTM's and KTM's are just breakfast for WR-450. With the same bike I do: Enduro, Supermoto and Iceroad racing. So can you have a better and versatile bike?

Timo McKeown

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