That is it I can not decide

I will be buying a 2008 KTM 250 XCF or the XCFW but I can not decide between the two. It will only be ridden for runs harescrambles in the great northwest... Which should I go with?:crazy:

I feel your pain. I am trying to decide between the 450 xcf and 450 xcf-w. I am leaning towards the xcf due to the 5 speed and about ten pounds lighter. I will be using it to race hare scrambles and enduros.

Which suspension is going to be better for northwest poker runs?

If your going to be in tight stuff then the XCFw should be your bike. For more open desert stuff the XCF will have the edge. If it were me though regardless I would get the wideratio tranny, it's more versatile IMO and easier to ride.

I love my XCFW. Either way your are going to like the bike. Don't really matter, just get one and go ride!

A lot is dependant on skill level & pace you can maintain. A highly tallented rider who zips thru the challenging stuff does not need the lower first gear of the "W" models, prefers the closer gear ratios of the XC models where he can always have the engine in its happy zone and needs to firm suspension for his faster pace.

A novice or mellower paced rider wants the low first gear and soft suspension of a "W".

Actualy more advanced off road rider choose the W due to the taller gearing and valving. Non the less the W is the better choice overall for any off rode racing. The XCF is for close course stuff and off road CC stuff (gncc,HS track/sx). Im a A woods rider and find the W to work better in the woods. Us faster advance riders like the taller 6th gear. Faster riders like stiffer suspnesion?, not true pluse not many advanced riders run the stock valving or springs. I never even concidered the XCF as a choice as i knew it was MX gearing, this is good only if your in a tight test, in any open stuff you are going to run out of gear to quickly (yes even with a 6 speed) maby not a novice as I really dont think a novice would notice a lot of difference in the two models.

I'm used to running my RMZ450 in the woods with a 4 speed. I run out of gears way to early. In the last DIRT BIKE it stated the XCF topped out at 97 MPH. Does anyone know the different ratios between the the f and w.

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