Well, I ordered my new tires, mounting in my garage and it dawned on me, I never balanced a dirt bike tire! I always balanced my street bike tires. Well, Problem is, I now have a knobby I'm running on the street:ride:

I'm thinking about these :

Anyone have any experience with them? Or similar products?


is that just little beads you put in the tire to balance it???

I have never ballanced the tires on my XR650L & have never had any problems.

The tire beads you are looking at I belive are for tubless tires only

I hope they arent tubeless only, the website had specific motorcycle packs but didnt specify.

I will ck when they get here as I ordered it yesterday because they were so $4.99 for the bike pack so no big thing if tubeless only.

Will make a great xmas gift for my friends on sportbikes LOL.

Thx for the link martinfan, I'll read it when I get done with a few things here.. (Working at the moment)

i wouldnt mess with those damn beed things period but thats me. dont have my L balanced although it never hurts anything.

The beads were hard/excrutiatingly slow to put in but I did it and they seem to work just fine, no more wheel hopping. Cheap too.

is that just little beads you put in the tire to balance it???

Yuppers, just beads.


"Magic Beads"


The guys I've seen with balanced tires have been real fast desert boys, they run a cone shaped lead weight that attached to the spokes at the rim. Sorry don't know how to do it.

I have been useing the beeds now for two sets of tires. No problems other than getting them in the valve stem. When useing the beeds in tube tires they want you to use a special valve that will not allow the beeds to get caught in the valve.

Cool THANKS for the info goblin, I saw the filter valve cores on the site-I guess I should have got them. I'll order a couple now.

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