GearBox Troubles

Hi, I have a 00 WR400 , last week i lose the 4th gear, I have no problem whith the other ones, but the 4th seems like neutral...

I like to ask if anyone have already problems with gearboxs in this model, i´m very disappointed because everyone says that this bike is a good bike and will not give me big problems... Dosent seem to be true!!!



00 WR400


How many miles/km do you have on the bike? I had a problem with my bike (00WR) at about 30km. My bike ceased to shift altogether.

I don´t know the exact Kms but it could have about 10000km... But everyone says that the gearbox and clutch system give some troubles... I have already owned a KTM 400, ohhh this orange stoul all my money, just broke the engine twice in 2 years... And now it seems that my WR400 will do the same thing... It could be a problem with maintenance, but I change the engine oil and filters 2500 to 2500 Km, in all of my bikes... I´m really disappointed.


98 KTM 400

00 WR400


i know so many riders of this model over here in the UK & they just aren't having any trouble. your just plain unlucky mate. sorry!


Isn't 2,500 km something like about 1,500 miles. Seems like an aweful lot of miles between oil changes. I'll probably have 10 oil changes in the same mileage.


That was my original thoght. 2500km seems like an awfully long time between oil changes. I personally change mine about every three or four rides (which is about 200-250 miles). It may be bad luck but I think you would do yourself alot of good with more frequent oil changes.

I'm thinking the same thing. The manual recommends oil changes every 500 Km and/or between every race.

Danny, Oil is cheap, I change my yz oil every ride. The clutch runs in the same oil and heats it up fast and breaks it down fast. Thats probably why you have had problems with 2 different bikes.

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