off with the light and odom

Any thing I should know? Just cut the wire? What about the hub ... just plug the hole? What did you use?

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You can unplug all of the wiring related to the headlight , including the switch. You'll need to order the YZf number plate Acerbis is a good choice for quality, fit and color. I used a drill to reverse "turned down" the pegs that fit into the bottom of the triple clamp. Let me explain, I closed the chuck to my cordless to the desired pin diameter and started the drill and carefully pushed it over the pins on the number plate .....viola pins the perfect diameter. For the upper mount you'll have to fashion something. I used a piece of plumbers tape bent at a 45 degree angle (appx), rounded the edges and painted it black.

And for removing the odo, remove all of the realted parts including the drive hub (at the wheel). You can leave the drive hub in place and get a vacum cap to block off the cable inlet, order a trick cable inlet cover or order the YZf spacer and seal. The later being the most sano and light weight alternative :)



It sounds like you are taking your odo system completely off your WR. If this is correct, I am interested in all the hardware at the wheel in order to finish converting my YZ to WR status. Or... let me know if you would be interested in some kind of trade for your whole WR front wheel assembly for my stock YZ stuff? I only have about 45 minutes of riding time on my wheel and it is in perfect condition.

Originally posted by Bill:

For the upper mount you'll have to fashion something. I used a piece of plumbers tape bent at a 45 degree angle (appx), rounded the edges and painted it black.

I simply used a plastic wire tie from the mounting point on the number plate to the bolt hole in the triple clamp. Took all of 30 seconds to put it on - fits perfect.

b-bike, If he is not interested, I still have my stock odometer/hub/etc. thats going to be up for sale after this weekend. I am getting in the spacer from flatlandracing and after that its voila with the whole thing :)

I did the same as Bill. Removed the complete odo hub and used a YZ spacer and seal. I had to press the seal in using a socket the size of the seal because it was a very tight fit.

I would only recommend the Acerbis number plate. I tried the UFO and it didn't fit well. Trashed it and bought the Acerbis. I used a utility knife to "wittle" the bottom pegs and a zip-ty to secure the top mount. Haven't had any problems at all.

If anyone has a WR odometer they want to get rid of for cheap let me know at Mine is Canadian so it reads in kilometers instead of miles, I just need the odometer, not the cable or anything else. It's not that big of a deal to me but if I could find one for under $20 I'd take it.

Thanks for your help guys! I had heard the acerbis is the way to go... ordered plate and r fender last week! Now if this doesn't make my bike go faster... I don't know what will! :)

b-bike... sorry I am keeping my wr stuff for resale - although I can't imagine ever wanting to sell this bike!

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