Hic at idle w'stage 2.

I have read that a lot of people with the stage 2 have a hic stall happening.

I get the hiccup but it's idled up a bit so as not to stall.

The longer i have the stage 2 the more i think it's a lash issue with the cam.

Hot cams say to go 1.5mm(6 thou) and 2mm(8thou).Has anybody with a stage 2 tried a slightly larger gap.

I still get the hanging idle deal sometimes but i think it's the cables as i have risers on and they are at limit.

This is an R thread.

I wonder if you'll need a larger pilot to compensate for the lack of vacuum at idle. (from the big cam)?? I know mine will do this if I simply run a lower octane fuel other than 92 chevron. And it has a stock cam..

Scalejockey is correct! Try increasing the pilot jet size.

I've got a 70 in it and it's at 1 3/4 seems to be right,i just get this hic sometimes.

70 is a little richer. but does it have the emultion holes as large as the 68s? not sure if it would matter..

My buddy has same problem, Idles fine , then all of a sudden it stalls. He's tried a different carb & now bought a mikuni. Keep us informed if you find a cure. I thought maybe he had a slight leaky valve. The loose lash you mentioned , might do the trick.

Did the Miky sort it or not.

It's either loading up at idle because the idle is too slow or the valve lash.

Did the Miky sort it or not.

It's either loading up at idle because the idle is too slow or the valve lash.

The miki ,NOT. same hic*stall.

XR650R HRC Cam/side cut out panel/UNI Air Filter/Moriwaki Exhaust with S/A:

I'm running a stock carb with a 70s pilot, 182 main, Fuel screw 1.75 turns, B53E needle lowered 1 position (needle is pushed into main jet downward, E-clip actually raised on needle 1 notch to achieve this). Runs fairly good but still pretty rich at the 2500-5500ft Altitude range. I might go down to a 180 main jet.

I have read that the cables are sensitive and can cause the idle to hang high. I just leave a little slack in the throttle cable to let it close the throttle all the way.

My bike will idle about 300 rpm higher for around 5-10 seconds before it settles when I come up to stop lights.

I once tried the mikuni. I didn't like it. It was a pain in the butt to get the jets and XRsOnly did a poor job setting it up for my specific bike when I bought it. I gave up and went back to the stock carb. The mikuni had a great off-idle response but it was a smaller carb, flowed less air and reduced top end power. My bike also ran extremely hot at WOT with the XRsOnly tune-setup and caused it to overheat often on hot days. If I was to get another carb, it would be a Keihin FCR-MX type, but I am prefectly happy with the stock carb given the upgrade cost.

Did you adjust the fuel screw properly? Do you have a vacuum leak somewhere? That might affect the idle quality.

I'm not sure how valve lash affects the engine at idle unless your valves are not closing all the way.

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