Could You Do This?

hey i have a wr 426 i been woundering, could u change over the plastics to make it like a racing bike? like yzf 450 tank and plastic?

Do you mean like this ? YZ rear fender and number plate is all I used here, but you can use the very popular, YZ seat , tank, and shrouds as well. Good Luck ! 000_0025.jpg WR Dave.

so all the plastic and seat and tank works is there any diffrent years?

wht yz 250 125? does it matter?

are the frames the same? like is it a yz 450f with diffretn plastics and lights. what makes them heaver than the yzf?

You can use YZ426F plastic (front plate, tank, seat and rear fenser...the side panels and front fender are already the same) on your WR...bolts right up...but you have to make a bracket for the front plate at the top. If you go to a YZ426F tank, you have to use a YZ426F seat as well. This, by the way, is the second best non-free mod that you can do. Putting the narrower YZF seat and tank on lets you get way further forward on the bike when cornering. Two stroke front fender and front number plate will work, but all the other stuff has to be YZ426F if you want it to bolt on. You can use YZ450F (pre-aluminum frame) plastic, but it's a lot more expensive as in addition to the fenders, front plate, seat and tank, you have to buy new side panels, an air box, and sub-frame. You also have to make a couple of brackets to relocate the gas tank mounts. Search in this forum and the YZ250F/WR250F forum. There are plenty of write ups, with pictures, on how to do this mod.

With the exception of the front plate, I have YZF plastic on my WR, as does my son on his WR250...



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