long live big 4- strokes!!

this is a pic my buddies 04 rm250 piston(2-stroke) after 2 years of riding,at the same time my 650r is still fresh.We ride almost every weekend together.:crazy:DSCN4212.jpg

Could it also be an issue with the brand :crazy: of bike he's riding?


Or the Deschutes micro-brew you dumped in his tank?

The micro brew is payment for the mechanic (me) . Ya he gets alot of crap for riding a scumzuka!! Just a side note he had to add some gas w\o mix to make it back from a long ride the week before. I thinkith he went a little too far and damaged it a little.

I'ld rather rebuild that than a CRF450. About the same life expectancy only twice the work and $$$. The XR 650R now that's a different story altogether. This is the way a 4stroke should run, strong and for a long time.

funny thing, his brother brought his bike by when i was putting the 250 back together.A crf 450, we checked the valves and the intakes had no clearance.. time for a top end job! told him it could run as high as 2 grand if the piston and crank had to be replaced too. He was a little bummed..also told him to take it the shop cause it would take A LOT of beer to do this one, truth is i'd rather be riding than working on bikes.!!

YIKES! What did that do to his bottom end?!?!?! Did his gears chew up all those little pieces of aluminum?

no it really didn't hurt anything.even the cylinder was OK! we did replace the crank cause the rod bearing was a little loose,and of course the main bearings because the were full of bits-o-piston. He was real lucky a chunk didn't poke a hole in the case toward the gear area or outside.

Don't even begin to tell me that a 4 stroke is better than a 2 stroke because one piston explodes in an RM250.

You even said that you ran STRAIGHT gas in the RM WITHOUT OIL. Smart!:crazy::D

Why don't you just drain all of the oil from your XR650R and see how long it takes the engine to torpedo itself like the RM??? Hello?? You need to mix oil in a 2T to keep them alive. It's not an option or an excuse. Cheap outboard engine oil can be picked up at any back woods redneck convenience store or anywhere else for that matter. It doesn't matter what brand of oil so long as its available and mixed in the gas!! A small 4oz. or 8oz. bottle can be stashed in your camelbak easily.

Anyway, my 2T will run for quite a while. Yes, I had two XR650Rs and their reliability is legendary only because they were engineered to last that long. Look at any 4T motocross bike and see how long they last and how much money it costs to repair them??!!! Same applies to the CRF-X and Yamaha WR-F series too. Since they make these torpedo engines in the 450cc size I'd say that's big bore enough.

He HAD to ad a little gas out of a 450 to get back before the sun went down.

I had told him to do this trick only if you were running low and not empty.(he's kinda a novice still but he learned something from that ride) Iv'e also had told him to put a 3oz. bottle of mix somewhere on his bike and he still hasn't done that.. kids!!! personally I think all the new 2-strokes will last only as long as you take care of them. but I have noticed some models have had specific problems,even hondas. Then again,I remember the air cooled days and buying pistons by the 6-pack.

YIKES! What did that do to his bottom end?!?!?! Did his gears chew up all those little pieces of aluminum?

2stroke gear boxes dont share lubrication with the crank housing, so when they go, its usually just the crank and cylinder...:crazy:

Crazy. For fear of that engine damage I would have stashed the bike somewhere on the trail and rode back to camp on that 450 as a passenger. Then, come the next day or whenever available, head back with whatever and some 32:1.

Just bought well used XR650L today. Holy moly is that thing huge sitting next to the YZ this evening.

ya ,seems like no matter what bike i jump on to "try out" they feel tiny and slow compared to the 650R ..well except for the hillclimber yamaha twin with nitrous that I worked on this summer.THAT thing was plain scary. Those guys are nuts!!

Could it also be an issue with the brand :crazy: of bike he's riding?



Is that Inversion IPA? If so, great choice..... possibly my favorite beer ever.

Your buddy sure got lucky if his cylinder and crank are salvageable. That looks like a bad scenario.

You cant even think that a two stroke 250,or any for that matter will last as long as a xr top end,no comparision.

The cylinder was hurt very little. but we did replace the crank,it had some ware on the big end of the rod.

He did well on the beer selection. (inversion IPA)He was badly scolded when he brought light beer last time he needed work done!!


Good one Denn10! :crazy:


The cylinder was hurt very little.

Yeah, big surprise. Ya'll think that the 2 strokes are so vastly inferior to the big bore XRs. A 2T 250 ridden only on trails and maintained at a normal frequency will stay fresh at least 2/3 the time of a XRR.

You guys cant really compare a 250 2-stroke and a 650 4-stroke. Its like compairing a Formula 1 car to a Military Tank

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