YZ pipe on WR 426

Thinking about putting a YZ header (and Exhaust pipe) on my 2002-WR426. Has anyone replaced their YZ 426's original system? Does anyone know if the 450 stock systems are compatible with the 426 Engine?



Year for year, the WR headers are the same as that of a YZ426, so the difference is in the muffler. The mufflers from '03-'05 450's are slightly different from the 426's, and while it's possible to get them to fit, the units that are welded together in one piece as the stockers are are often more difficult to work with than the aftermarket units with a separate mid pipe. '06 and later pipes won't fit. Check the parts for sale section of the classifieds, or post a want ad there.

So what may be a good option to try on my wr426. I have wanted to put on a shorter exhuast but there are not many opts. for the older bikes. I currenty have a fmf q pipe and I like that it is quiet but I think if it were tucked in a bit lower i think that there would be less damage if or when I loop it. Some minor fabrication wouldnt be too much of an issue.

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