lost ais removal kit instructions

I have the kit but lost the directions for the AIS removal kit for my 06 wr450. I have kit gyt-5tj93-69-00. I have read through a number of the posts but they lack detail on how to install each of the parts. I was hoping someone could scan the direction in to this post. I have already checked with the dealer but he had no kits in stock and could not help.

If you don't have the instructions I need to know where to install the two rubber caps, one metal round screen, a metal plug, hose clamp, and what is the tie wrap supposed to secure.

I can figure out where the three jets go and can review the jetting FAQ to set them.

thanks for any help you can provide. An image of the instructions would be great.

Well I just scanned in the instructions for the 07 AIS GYTR kit on another thread but I know they are different. Maybe you can get some information from it.:crazy:

go on you tube type ais removel on wr good video on their

Thanks to Kenshaw720 and char34 for the help! The youtube on the WR250 was excellent even for the 450 plus there were several WR videos that are great.

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