Clutch Troubles No More!

I was eating up clutches on my YZ450 (steels+fibers), 2-3 per season :crazy: I was running OEM and GYTR kits. I have also been known to be a bit of a clutch abuser, so I'm not bashing them. I also used to run Motul 10W40 oil. I am now using Wiseco plates and switched my oil to full synthetic Amsoil 10W40. I used to always smell that nasty clutch odor in my oil every time I changed it (every ride).. Now with this new setup that does not happen anymore. The oil comes out clean and pretty much odorless. I have enough hours on this clutch now that I would be expecting to need a new clutch, but am happy to report that its working excellent! Knock on wood :D Anyone else try Wiseco plates?

The '03 has Hinsons in it, but I run OEM plates in both '06's because they have never needed replacement. Both have been on Amsoil MCF since I've had them.

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