What WR carbs DONT break slides?


my bike (98 wr400 converted to 426 w/ hotcams) busted the slide not so long ago after around an estimated 3000k's.

After the new slide, i only got 1 ride out of it (500k's) so i think I'm going to change my carb.

What are the ones that don't have problems? i heard some of the 426's can run like ass.

also, jetting wise if i get a 2000 wr400 carb can i just swap the jets over or what? i dont know anything about jetting but im perfectly happy with my bike is jetted currently, asside from its diet of thin aluminium.



Men don't lose your time and money.....by an edelbrook carb, this is the best mod I do to my wr400 98. You will put money again and again in your old 1998 carb, paid the edelbrook $350.00 USD an never touch this carb for the last year...and no jetting needed....look at e bay...........good luck.

yeah im not really interested in buying an elderbrock carb, im happy with the way my bike runs asside from the self destruction of the slides :crazy:

Does any one know where i can get a CNC slide ready made or does anyone have any spare?

maybe u gotta change to a post 2000 wr carb,

it may last longer, much longer,

but wear&tear parts need changing after awhile,

yam wr4 is a damn good bike,


Get the Edlebrock. You will keep replacing slides until one time a big enough piece of slide with cause piston or valve damage, then you'll really be Pi--ed. You need an 00 or later carb to be away from the slide problem and they are not easy to come by used, then you still have a used carb, with possible other problems.

I can tell you, when a piece will pass into motor you will cry... I tell you again....EDELBROOK. How much you put on it in money from the begening ????? When my probleme start I have put a lot of money befor understand, the stock carb for 1998 is a piece of crap better for you to by right now an edelbrook carb befor to put too much money and dont have choice to buy an other carb anyway !!!!! :crazy::D:applause::bonk:

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