Compression release lever

I have broke a few of the compression release levers and have been wondering if anyone knows of a aluminum lever replacement. I have looked but can't find one anywhere. I saw the clutch and comp. release perch from works conection and

GYT-R makes on also but the are both pretty spendy. I thought I remembered seeing one in a catalog once but I can't remember.

I moved my Comp. release so that it points backwards but I still break it often enough that it is a pain. I have just started super glueing the broken levers back together cause I got sick of buying them. Thanks for the help.

The stock honda crf unit should work. It has clutch and comp release together (info from Gina Dubach). Dubach can get it for you.

I would absolutely love to see some crash photos ! I have wiped mine out a hundred times and never had a comp release break...You might be better off looking into a set of GYT-R or other Aluminum hand guards for your ride....Much cheaper than constantly replacing the lever.



Bonzai :)

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Ditto. Brush/handguards and radiator guards are one of the few investments that pay for themselves literally. I,too, crash a lot. :D

Yamakaze: How DO you post pics like that? The picture page has no instructions and I know zip about UBB,HTML,or quantum physics...or... :)

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Chaindrive....Check your PM.

Bonzai :)

I run the Works Connection clutch lever/compression release lever combo because I needed the space on my ProTapers for my dual sport stuff. The compression release lever is tucked away very nicely - so much so that bump starting is a bit difficult at times.


you can get an aluminum lever from Chaparral at I think they are about 12.00

also try wraping teflon tape around your bars under all your mounts. levers will usually spin before they break

i broke mine and got the alum. one from chaparral and it is worth it. i also moved it from underneath the clutch to above the clutch. it keeps it off the ground when you fall. it just takes some getting used to as you will want to grab it instead of the clutch.

Yamakaze I would post some pics but I don't have any. I spend alot of my riding time on my head, and always have a bent lever on my bike :) . I have been thinking about some aluminum handguards, I might try a pair out. Ordered a aluminum lever from Chaparral today so hopefully it will work better. Thanks everyone.

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