Looks like grease not string cheese

I finally decided to grease the shock linkage on my '06 WR450, I bought it new a year ago and have put about 1000mi on it so I know I'm late, I read the article in the tech forum and found it helpfull, but after dissasembly it seems that the bearings are full of grease not the string cheese described in the article, they seemed well greased with quality grease, is it possible that the factory is greasing the bearings now? it doesnt apear that it was ever disassembled before and I seriously doubt that the dealer would have done it (they didnt even know how many gears it had) im going to clean it out and grease while I have it apart but it doent seem nessesary, any ideas on why it looks greased? p.s. I love this bike, it has been 100% flawless.

I'd be pulling every bearing apart, and greasing them up with your favorite grease. I pack them as full as I can.

You might find one bearing full, and the next one completely dry. You could have got a monday bike, and not the friday rush job!

I find the lower shock linkage bearings the first to become crappy, so I always make sure I do those regularly.

Thanks, I packed the crap out of them compared to what was in there and just got back from a quick 15 mile test ride, I'm lucky to live across the road from state land!, gonna do the swing arm and steering nek next

Check and see if your top head stem bearing has got a seal on it.

Yamaha have one with a seal available, which makes things last a lot longer in there.

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