Small rider on 250F


My son is about 5'6 and almost 100 pounds. He normally rides an 85 but is just about too tall for it. We are transitioning him to a 250F. He is riding his brother's bike until we are prepared to get him his own. He is able to handle the bike pretty well, but even after raising the forks about a cm in the clamp and over tightening the steering a tad there is still a lot of headshake in bumpy sections. Any suggestions on how to further tame the shake?

Thank you,


run more sag like maybe 110mm or so and run the compression further out on the forks.

The more you raise the forks in the clamps, the more unstable at speed the bike will become.

im 5'2'' not 5'6''

and 92lbs

id say you can handle the bike just fine. but if u go to tip over its not going to be easy to support 220 lbs on one leg, especially at your weight and height. the shock will have to be adjusted down a fair bit. also lifting your leg high enough to kick it over may be an issue, and you dont have a lot of weight to use to your advantage to get the 250 thumper going. maybe this wont be an issue...i can kick my 450 over sitting on the seat and im only 135 takes time to get used to kicking a thumper over. give it a try!! worst case scenario you have to wait a year before u can ride it. :crazy:

Vertical challenged people need lowering links - then you can keep the forks up

Devol, and a few other companies make these. They lower the bike

search lowering links here and on google

Send a PM to 642MX. He has a lowered 250F he built for has short, very good looking wife, and the bike works well for her.

My son went from a CR80RB (big wheels) to a YZ250F at 14, for the same reason, but he was 5'8" or 5'9", 140 lb. at the time, and had no trouble at all adapting. In fact, I think that starting that soon on a full sized bike and growing into it is how he learned to be so comfortable sitting forward on the bike in spite of his current 6'3" frame.

Also, as said, pulling the forks up in the clamps works against high speed stability, and of course, the springs are bound to be way too stiff for him at this point.

The 250F made a top notch rider out of my son. Hopefully, you can make it work for yours.

Thanks guys.

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