Corbin Seats

I see that Corbin offers a seat for the 03-06 WR250 and WR450 has anyone tried this seat? I would really like to put one on my 2000 WR400 will this seat work or can it be modified to work on mine?, I tried the SDG tall foams and I don't feel one bit of difference over stock on rides longer than an hour. Any input will be appreciated, Thanks all!!

I don't know if the Corbin will fit your bike since it says 03-06 but my Guts Racing tall soft seat is sooo nice when I sit down.

My buddy has a Corbin for his DRZ400SM. He loves it. The seat is wide in the back but gets narrow towards the front. So cruising on the road or on long trails while sitting down is no problem, and when you want to get aggressive the narrowness in the front allows you to.

As far as it fitting I dont know for sure but I would say no.

just my .02


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