Where is Idle mixture screw located on XR650R Carb?

:crazy: I posted this in the jetting section too on accident. I feel stupid- I can't find it. Or is the Idle mixture screw really the Idle speed? I feel Stupid!:D


it should be on the bottom of the carb..........probably need a stubby screw driver....be gentle when you screw it in...seat it lightly

I have the Carb off the Bike now right here in front of me now- I see nothing underneath except the Bowl drain screw...Im still lost!!!???

On the right forward side , just above the bowl

the idle (rpm) screw is on the left side,the big knob with a cable that goes up to the top. Mixture fuel screw is on the right side toward the motor, small brass flathead.

Ok, great I see it. Not much of a screw is it? Its got a flat head and a little missing on the side to get a flat head on the side of the screw- weird:busted:

ya once the fuel mixture is set they really don't need touched again. I've gone from 3000 to 10,000 ft. elev. in a few hours and didn't need to change it,just a little on the idle.

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