Stupid Question

I have an '00 YZ 426 with a completely stock suspension. I am not the original owner, so I have no idea of what the previous owners did to tweak the suspension. Can someone tell me what the stock settings should be?

Also, I've read a lot of suspension posts, and they say turn-out and turn-in to adjust the settings. Am I correct in thinking that turn-out = counterclockwise and turn-in = clockwise?

Thanks for the help/info.

Suspension adjustments are properly made by turning the clickers in (clockwise) until they seat, then count the clicks out. This gives the most accurate and consistent settings, even if a previous assembly error was made.

Refer to your manual (download one Here if you don't have one) starting on page 3-34. This will give you the standard settings. They are all around 8-10 out


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