02 400 like an 02 426?

I have European 02 WR400, I am wondering is it more like the 02 WR426 or the 01 WR400? The reason I ask is as the shop I get parts from has the -1 400 listed and the 02 426 listed, I am just wondering which ones are most likely to fit the 02 400

Thanks guys

I thought the last year for the 400 was 2000 and the 01 & 02 are a 426 :crazy:

In Europe they produced the 400 for 01 and 02.

I's be sticking to the 01 parts listed, likely, the 02 parts would fit too since not that much changed on the bikes, but when it comes to engine parts, probably better to stick to the right cc's.

You can always reference the part numbers in catalogs on line and research the differences from there before ordering from your dealer.

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