YZ stock jetting?

Just to verify, YZ stock jetting is 175 main, 45 pilot, DVR needle clip pos #3, SJ 100, SAJ 65, Is that correct? I lived in Singapore and the climate here is quite different so I hope I could start with stock jetting before fine tuning my jetting. Thanks.

Are asking about the YZ or WR jetting? You said YZ, but I know the 2001 model had the following: EJP, 165 MJ, 200 MAJ, 42 or 45 PJ, 100 PAJ...not sure about starter jets, shouldn't be too big an issue. Now the WR came with a DRR needle, my 2001 did anyway.

The '98-99 YZ400 had:

#45 pilot

#100 pilot air jet (PAJ)

#65 starter jet (SJ or choke jet)


#175 main jet

#200 main air jet (MAJ)


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