Edelbrock needle and seat

Can someone point the way to a blind dog?

My '94 XR600 sports a new Edelbrock. I,ve been dealing with other upgrades and remedies related to tires, stator, gas tank, etc. The bike ran good when I first got it back. But the other day it stopped after about 1/4 mile. It would start up and die, several times. Had to push it home. It sounded to me like fuel. I started reading about the float probelms the Edelbrock's had. Everything needed to be clean of debris and you needed to be careful of varnish buildup with certain fuels, especially in bikes that were not ridden ecery day. I pulled out the drain at the bottom of the bowl and almost no gas. So I decided I would pull off the carb and clean everything out. I got the ctank off, and then I got the carb off. I pulled the bowl off. I blew through the fuel inlet, and then lifted the float. It closed off. When I released the float it dropped back down, but the seat was still closed off, I couldn't blow through. So. I figured I've got a sticking needle and seat.


How does the needle and seat come out? The clamp on the outside (held down by the small allen bolt) suggests that the needle and seat must be a press in with O-ring sealing since the whole unit twists a little. However, the needle and seat has a 3/8 hex head. Pulling and twisting makes it move, but it doesn's come out.

Anybody have any thoughts? Or, can you point me to a pictorial "how to"?

Does Edelbrock sell a parts or service manual that explains how it comes apart?

I have the little brass needle that everyone says to watch out for. It was kind of dull except for some markings that suggested chafing. I polished this up with real fne steel wool. I hope this isn't wrong. There was no "ball", so I hope if there was one I didn't miss it. The accelerator pump assembly is all still intact.

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