oil filter(S) ?

Newbie Question #2 that I couldn't find an answer for in the search section. When doing the oil change I noticed there are 2 filters to change (or at least what Yamaha says there is). I know some folks are of the camp that the filter doesent need to be changed so much as the oil but thats not where Im at (maybe I like to burn money?). But I am wondering if you need to change BOTH of them at every interval? (I do mine about 250 miles). So far I have only done the one filter in the side of the case but there is this other one in the reserve(?) area in the frame itself. Does everyone do them both every time?

And of course the next question, Im heading to the Yammie place @ lunch, but forgot the manual @ home. I don't spose anyone knows the two p/n's I need do ya? would be greatly appreciated :D

p.s. Upon advice from this forum - my TyDavis mag. oil plug is also on its way :) Thanks for the info!


The actual oil filter is located on the side of the engine case (brake side). The "filter" in the tank frame is a screen that needs to be cleaned periodically but doesn't need t be changed unless it gets damaged.

I change the oil every 150 to 250 miles, and normally clean the stock oil filter at that point. I've only done this a few times so far. When I need to replace the filter, I plan to purchase a replacemet from Scott that is way better than the stock unit but costs $60 instead of $11 for the stocker.

Thanks Steve. Yeah, I don't know what I was thinking. Got to the dealer and asked them the same thing and they thought I was gone too :) .

As far as the Scotts thing (not to start great Scotts debate again) Im not a fan of them. I had one before on another machine and whenever I cleaned it it was always clean :D .

I don't know if you guys are talking about a new bike or not but I would change the oil a bit more frequently if new. All these bikes seem to have a good bit of metal particles in the oil for the first couple of changes. I would also recommend cleaning the oil filter for the first 4-5 times. You shouldn't have a big need to replace the filter every time...save your self some money and use it for at least 500 or so miles. I would also strongly recommend getting a magnetic drain plug. You can do a search for Mag plug and come up with some recommendations. :)


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