Scotts Steering Damper.

Hi there just bought me a new wr450 07 and would like to know if a yz450 07 sub mount kit will fit my wr? I can get a new one for half the price!

Thanks for any advice!!

Yepper, got one on my 07. Way trick... Jeff S

Thanx for the help will get me one then!!

I have a scotts submount kit off of a yz on my 2007 wr450 . it is not an exact fit

I have a set of applied triples from a yz too I had to make a bracket to mount my computer "yz has a center bolt on the top clamp wr has two side bolts" not

a big deal . the lower clamp had no hole to bolt the speedo cable "drill and tapped one" I tryed just the mount on the stock triple but the bolts were slightly

off the stock upper could be milled out to make it fit right . but I got the whole

deal with clamps for 400 so why use the stock clamps

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