05 WR450 won't electric start

Hi all,

I have a 04 wr450 that is acting up. Started getting hard to start so I adj valves. It starts fine kicking but will not start using the electric starter. i have replaced the battery and the starter motor but still doing the same thing. Has anyone else had this problem.

Since you've troubleshot most issues, could it be as simple as a bad ground??? Outside of that, the only thing I can think of is that your auto decomp isn't working perfectly but enough for you to be able to kick it over without problem.

I was thinking it has something to do with the decompression but it seems to be working. One thing i did notice is that when you kick start it the amount of comression seems to change, on time you have to stand on it the next time it kicks right through. Any ideas.

We need more info. Is the E-start turning the bike over at all?

The way decompression works is when you get the "stand on it" your on the compression stroke - This is where normally, the built up pressure is relieved for starting purposes - once you break past that, you get to a full kick that's pretty much under no compression because your piston moves through the combustion (down stroke) /exhaust (Up stroke)/intake (down stroke) before ever getting to another compression stroke - and that's pretty much one full kick if it was sitting at just past full compression stroke to start with.

From what you've explained to us so far, the problem DOES lie with the auto decompression. I doubt the starter motor would have the torque to push through a compression stroke and would make it sound like your battery does not provide enough juice.

My bike doesn't have it (or electric start) so I have to do the manual route, but I have a manual decom lever to get me past the tough part (comp stroke).

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