Dan L, Ron in Socal, time for Mojave


Paul and I are ready when you are. I have a club meet this weekend and Apr 20,21. Another play ride sort of thing on Apr 27,28. Aside from that, let's ride before it gets hot out there.


Hi guys.

Mojave sounds great, but I doubt I can join you anytime soon. Without going into details and boring you with excuses, let me just say that my WR has not even been started since September. You may have noticed the absence of my demented opinions here at TT lately, although I do try to keep up with the latest.

In a nutshell, here is what has been happening in my life lately:

<ul type="square">[*] Serious illnesses in the family[*] My girlfriend donated a kidney to her gravely ill father[*] Major push for career enhancement[*] Home improvements breaking the bank

I have had little time to keep fit, but I can feel spring fever coming on strong and am motivated to get back in shape and throw a leg over old blue again very soon. The last thing you guys while out trying to enjoy yourselves in Mojave, is a guy like me getting winded just unloading the bike from the truck.

Most of the stuff above is behind me now and I am looking forward to getting on with things like having a life that includes having fun. My regular riding buddies have totally written me off, but I can't wait to leave them in my dust again.

Joining you guys would be a blast, but I need some time to get it back. Danny L sure knows some good trails out there. I wish I was ready for them.

Paul, How is Josh these days?

Hi Ron,

I have been wondering why we haven't heard from you. Hope everything is working out for all involved. Glad to hear you are coming to the end of all this difficulty. When you're ready, let us know.


Ron, glad to hear from you. Sorry to hear that you have had such a rough time. Take care of business and when you are ready let us know. Maybe later in the year we can do a Kennedy Meadows run. Or, maybe you could come up here for a week end and let us take you on some really cool trails. I would also like to head up to your dads place one of these days. He was mentioning something about fish darn near the size of my WR! :)

Dan, let me know what week-end is good for you. The week-end of the 31rst would work for me. Let me know. Thanks, Paul

Mar 30,31 is good for me. We just have to get Dan L on board. As I recall, you have his email address. Can you contact him and have him email me as well? Thanks.


PS: I could not get an email thru on the address you sent me, or the one your wife gave me on Friday. I'll call tonight or tomorrow night to get the correct one.

Dan, I will be heading to the gym. So, call me after 8 p.m. or leave me a number that I can call you back on. I don't know if I have DanL's email but I'll check when I get back tonight. Talk to you later, Paul

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