setting up a 2007 yz450 suspension for big hits

I'm about 180 to 200 pounds approximate and I have been bottoming the stock settings pretty easily. seems preety soft. I'm new to suspension tuning. I turned the front fork top clickers so that they are about 5 clicks out from all the way turned in. What would be similar settings for the rear shock. what other things should I try. the rear still tire bottoms pretty easy. Any advice is appreciated. :crazy:

Sounds like you need heavier springs. It is my understanding the stock springs are only meant for a 150 to 160 pound guy.

For your weight you should be using a 5.8 spring on the shock. The fork springs should be ok for 200 lbs. If they feel to soft, go to .50's....stock is.48

According to Race Tech, assuming your weight without gear is 195, your stock fork springs are actually just right (they recommend .47's and you have the next closet available size, .48, already). Your rear is a 5.5, and they recommend a 5.6. That may be a little soft, and Todd's recommendation of 5.8 isn't too far from that. You may be able to work with what you have.

If you are bottoming on G-outs, run the low speed compression up a little. If it's mostly on the big hits, turn the high speed compression (the blue nut) in 1/8 turn at a time. If it bottoms in the whoops after 3 or 4 hits, but not right away, it could be "packing" as a result of too much rebound damping.

YZF's are actually sprung for riders in the 165-190 pound range, so you're close to that. Still, you may want to bump the rear spring up a step if you can't get it to work for you.

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