FYI: '07 Yz450 Stock Bar Specs.

Thought I'd share.

Info from Protaper.

The 2007 YZ450 stock Protaper bar is similar to the YZHI bend.

The stock bar is said to measure 84mm hi, 55mm sweep, and 800 mm wide

theirs no way its a high bend? it feels like a lower bend and it feels really wide

The Pro Taper "YZ High" is, or was, actually almost identical to the Tag "YZ" (not high). The '07 bars were bent some 8mm higher than the '06 bars, which pretty much everyone thought were way too low.

Also note that it looks like Pro Taper has changed the way it measures handlebars. The Henry bend was listed at 84mm as I recall, and now lists at 92mm. Likewise, the Windham bend, which used to be listed at 92 or so, now shows to be 99mm. So it seems they went from measuring center to center to measuring center to top, or something similar.

do you think the "kx Hi" is taller than the stock bar??

I've been spaking w/ Pro Taper the last few days trying to get the specs on my stock 08 pro taper handle bars and here's what they told me.

"Yamaha uses our manufacturer in Germany to produce their bars, they do not release the specs because they want you to purchase the stock bars. The fact that they call the bars the 5XC Low is baffling to us and doesn't really matter because we have a solution, the bar that we produce that is the exact same measurments as the 5XC Low is in fact the YZ HIGH. Case in point the stock Honda and Kawasaki bar is the same and the bar that we produce that is the exact same dimensions is the Windham/RM Mid...?!?! The fact that we named a bar a certain name doesn't always tell which bike it fits. The reaseon we call it the YZ High is because Yamaha changed their stock bars in 07 and we were forced to make the YZ High. We supply bars to Factory Yamaha Racing, which is the YZ High."

This was straight out of an email sent to me from Kelly Yancey, who works for Pro Taper.

I question the fact that the 5XC lo's were indeed lower than the YZ highs, but you can see the final answer I got. She also stated that she get's asked this question about 5 times a day, or was it a week, anyway a lot.

For one thing, PT was calling their YZ High bend that as far back as '04 that I know of.

In my shop, I have a pair each of 5XC-90's from an '06, Tag YZ's, and PT Henry/Reed bends. Flipped over on the bench, flat on their tops, the bars are lowest to highest in that order.

The 5XC-90 is about 8-10 mm lower than the YZ, and 18 lower than the Henry. It also has less sweep that either of those.

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