snorkel removal

I have a 06 wr450, that I have done the free mods on. The only thing I have'nt done is remove the snorkel in air box. I've looked at it but can't see how to get it out without cutting. Is this the only way to get it out?

If you'll take the battery out you can pry it out with a long screwdriver. I think I took the lid loose too. I didn't think it would come out either but I pryed just right and it poped right out.

just whack it with a chisel and it should split in the middle.

then pull with pliers.

Is the 06 different from the 07? On my 07 the snorkel was designed to be removed. No cutting and it can be replaced without a hitch...

Yet another difference on the 07 model?

05 and 06 are pretty much the same, just give it a whack with a chisel and hammer..... then pull the pieces out of the airbox, easy as pie.


Hey Jesse,

I was reading your response to sjclark, I have an 05, is removal the same? Also still have stock jetting, works fine for where I ride. Will this need to change? All other mods done long ago.



just pull it out. i have a 06 and i used a little force and it came out without breaking

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