new to this forum / but i have some questions about my new 04 yz 450f

i just bought this bike and need some simple questions answered...

1st. how often should i change my oil??? what weight should i use??? what brand should i use???

2nd. what type of oil and air filters have been good for you so far

3rd. can any one send me a repair manual book or cd rom

thanks so much


wrong section

i use motul 10w40 others use shell rotella, well others use mobile1

your choice,

i change my oil every 1000 km/10hr but im not riding my bike hard

if your riding hard, maybe every 2nd or 3rd race

i use the regular stock oil filters... 15 $ each

some use scotts reusable.... probaly cheaper in the long run

i use stock air filter, i change about every 4 th ride depending how dust it is.

i use fab1 air filter oil

some people use aftermarket air filters...

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