new to forum/i just bought a 04 yz450f and need some simple help

i just bought this bike and need some simple questions answered...

1st. how often should i change my oil??? what weight should i use??? what brand should i use???

2nd. what type of oil and air filters have been good for you so far

3rd. can any one send me a repair manual book or cd rom

thanks , andy

Let me answer your 3rd question first:

Then, as to your second, I use Twin Air filters (other high quality brands are goos as well) and Maxima FFT filter oil. Many others also like No Toil. Depending on conditions, the filter may need cleaning every ride, or every third ride.

Your first question invokes an interesting response most of the time, ranging from real helpful information to this:


The question, you see, is one of the first ones people ask when they get involved with 4 strokes, right before they ask if their header is supposed to turn red hot when they let it idle. Nevertheless, here is a summary of my thoughts on the subject:

You will also want to browse this thread, found at the top of the index for this forum:

Oh, and the thing about the header? Yes, they will glow red if you let it idle more than a minute or so. It's completely normal, and all razzing, teasing, and kidding aside, welcome to Thumper Talk.


mhh i could have sworn i wrote something in this thread

im loosing it!

haha he posted the same thing in the wr450 forum and i answered it :crazy:


i do appreciate it


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