07 450f how changed the breather set up?

New here, one thing concerns me about the 07 yz450F is this breather tube issiue. Read a few post back about rerouting and putting on a filter or putting a Yamaha kit on it so dirt will not not make it in the valve cover. I have about 2 tanks of gas though and I took the beater tube of seems to have alot of dirt and dust in this tube. How many of you have moddified this? Thanks

I routed mine through the upper right side of my air box, then I bought a valve cover filter that fit the breather hose from Shucks and zip tied it to the fender brace in the air box and called it good, it seems to work good.

Does the 08 have this problem?

Looking at pics. it seems to have the same breather hose routing.

What does Yamaha do on their factory race bikes? If it's that much of an issue, I'm sure they are doing something about it too.

Is this something everyone is doing when they get their yz450s or is it more depending on where you ride?

I've had dirt at the end of my house from day one. I took my hose off and it doesn't seem to be going all the way through. From what I've heard, the rerouting is more of a precautionary thing. Pulses of air go through the tube, so in all likelyhood dirt wont make it all the way though the long tube before a "pulse" pushes it back at. I brought this up to a service tech at my local yamaha shop...he said "It's highly unlikely that dirt will make it through the tube and that most of the time people have crap in their engine it's coming in through the air filter area. Bad seal, reckless filter changing, etc."

It seems to work good.



I like that idea WB450, did you drill a hole in the airbox then just seal up with some silicone?

I like that idea WB450, did you drill a hole in the airbox then just seal up with some silicone?

10-4, It was simple, and cost about $3.00.:thumbsup:

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