450 on ice

I have an 04 wr450 and would like to set it up for the ice. Give me all your idea's to make this thing rip. Thank's.

Now it would be nice to know what you mean with ice? We do Iceroadracing here and most of people just lower them down to get weight down. I also recommend steering damper.

Timo McKeown

I would look for a good set of CMRC "Canadian" studded tires, possibly lower the tubes in the clamps, and try to get the rear lower. The AMA legal studs suck compared to the Cnadian ones. AMA=1/8 to 3/16" head height, while CMRC=1/4-3/8" head height, which makes it great on "dirty" ice.

Here is a pic of mine

They have 2 streetbike tire liners (to anchor the studs)as well as long wood screws with washers to hold the side knobs from rolling over. The tires have also been "profiled" (shaved on the lefthand side)to allow for easier transition from straight to turn.



I may be able to hook you up if your interested...


How much for a set of tire's like that? Both front and back.

I can make a set for ~$750. You supply the box of bolts, the tires and the 12 pack. I'll supply allll of the knowledge, drill and razor knife.

Do a forum search for a member named "Frostbite". He's way up in Canada and has posted lots of info on snow and ice riding. Mods, pics, etc.

The ones I would have access to are slightly used by some guys that race a circuit here in Canada. I can't remember price, but if you are interested, I can try to hook you up. I'm thinking under $500/set, includes tire/liner(s) and studs, but I can't be sure... Let me know. I live in Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario, and our local Clay Kart track gets flooded for some ice racing on 3-4 weekends a winter. It is located approx 10 minutes from Sault Saint Marie, Michigan.

I have an 04 wr450 and would like to set it up for the ice. Give me all your idea's to make this thing rip. Thank's.

Are you looking to race it or just get it out for some winter rides?

The more serious you are the more you need a serious solution. Like these.


However, if you are just going out for some casual rides, you may be able to get away with buying your own box of screws (Price=?) and screwing them into your existing tires. Not the best solution, but would work.

If you want to rip around on the ice as well as some trails, you can use the drill and tap screws. the screw tips are hardend so they wear very well.You use the hardest compound tire that's cheap and drill each knob with a pilot hole in the center from the outside in and then use a #10 drill and tap screw from the inside out. 1-1/4" screws on the front and 1-3/4" on the rear. Check the clearance to the swing arm. They look scarey! Then put a couple layers of duct tape over the (Robertson heads) inside of the tire. It is nutty how much fun you can have out in a field with 10" plus snow covering it. They stick like glue on the ice as well. And, since i don't ice race, they don't cost a ton of cash. I used mine for a 30 plus days last winter and loved it. They wear very well. The proper screw and street bike liner setup is better for ice racing, but the tire is screwed if you try to ride anywhere else but on a lake or oval. No dirt or rocks with those. To each their own! Everyone should have a set!



You refer to "drill and tap screws" for ice riding. I've never heard of them. Can you provide a photo, brand name, link, or some other way that I can get a better idea of the technology to which you refer?


I will try to send a picture of my wheels and the type of screws that i used.



I got talked into buying ice tires by some buddies and had blast last winter.

The way to go is to buy a set of wheels on eBay and then have tires done. The tires are an emmer effer to mount.

BTW make sure you get tire wraps and NEVER use the tires any where but ice. The tires need sharp edges to get traction and just rolling across pavement or cement will ruin them.

The amount of traction on ice is unreal.

I run carbide tipped snowmobile studs. They don't provide as good traction as the CMRC tires on clean ice, but they last. I've had mine for years and run them over rocks, gravel, whatever.

if you're racing you'll need the CMRC type, and the studs must be protected from everything except ice, but for long lasting fun, you can't beat the sled studs.



Do not forget the tether kill switch. Or you can have a meat grinder looking for flesh when you fall.

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