Carb: Diaphram Pump Push Rod Tip. WR400

Here's a trick I did a couple of weeks ago when my accelerator/diaphram pump started leaking around the push rod.

Once I removed the rod and diaphram, I noticed the rod was badly corroded not to mention a rusted up diaphram. I purchased a new diaphram, but instead of buying a new rod,which would corrode again, I cut a section of brazing rod that was the same length and bent it to shape. Works perfect, plus is won't corrode!! I hope I spread some knowledge! Take Care.

[ March 22, 2002: Message edited by: g-ride2 ]

[ March 22, 2002: Message edited by: g-ride2 ]

That's a good idea, since pretty much ALL of the older carb style'd YZ/WR's are very prone to that problem.

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