I hate 1st gear

During my race Sunday I was in 1st gear in the tight stuff and that was a good deal of time. I want to run the tight stuff in 2nd and 3rd. Currently I have a 14 tooth sprocket on the front and 50 on the rear. I have 2 extra 50 rears I do want to waste. So should go to a 15 or a 13 tooth to make second gear more like

1st gear. Also I tend to catch neutral shift between 1st and second. I need to be able to rev higher in 2nd. My geometery is failing me.


13-tooth front...SC

With a 13 in the front you go to shorter gear ratio, so maybe you don't need 1st at all. With 15 you go longer gear ratio and 1st gear is then longer. How much in your race you do flat out 5th gear? if you have 50 on rear you can calculate that every tooth in the front has same effect than over 3 tooth at the rear. 50 / 13 = 3.8, 50 / 15 = 3.3 etc...

I hope you use clutch when changing gears?

Timo McKeown

I sometimes catch neutral from first as well on my WR400F, seems the throw on the shift lever is a little longer on this bike than what I'm used to.

Go with a 13 in the front but keep in mind droping one tooth in the front is like adding over three teeth in the rear so you may want to go with a 49 on the rear.

A few other things, I did all the mods, a factory pipe and Hot CAM, I am running YZ timeing. The bike is very peaky in 1st grear.

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