Broken 5th Metacarpal

I lost my rythm in the rythm section this past weekend, went over the bars. Went to Urgent care and found that I broke my 5th metacarpal, right where it meets the carpals. It is not displaced, didn't even look to be broken all the way through, but I've never really looked at an Xray before. For now they put me in a removable brace, I have an appointment at the hand clinic tommorrow. I can still move my pinky, just not all the way closed because of the swelling. How long can I expect to be out of riding? This is such a beautiful time of year to ride and I can't wait to get back out again. Thanks for the help!!!

post the X-ray.

I broke the same bone last year. the hand clinic just made a plastic splint (the kind they form to your hand) that was held on with velcro. It was long enough to stabilize the wrist and fingers. Nice, 'cause you can take it off and wash. After about 4 weeks, they cut down the splint some. After about 8 or 9 weeks it was off. I didn't ride for another weeks cause I figured, why push it and bust it again?

Good luck, be patient, you'll be riding soon enough!!

I broke two carpol bones in April, the scaphoid and the triquetrum. It hurt for about three weeks, but couldnt ride without pain for 6 weeks. I did ride the 5th week with a lot of aleve in me and a wrist guard, but didnt hit jumps or anything.

they wouldn't give me a copy of the x-ray, said I had to go to another building, but I had to go back to work. They put a cast on for 4 weeks, then said I couldn't ride for another 2-4 weeks after that. Its gonna be a long fall.

i broke my right one last year, was a decent fracture, the doc said i would be about 4-6 weeks, i came home took some meds and the swelling was down after about 4 or 5 days, i broke it around the first of august i think and was riding by around the 20th, keep moving it and you should be ok, this all depends on how bad the fracture is and where tho

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