Painting Cylinder head and crankcase

Hi there,

I'm about to rebuild my bike (93 Honda xr600r) and just wanted to know what you would suggest as the best way to make the cylinder head and lower crankcase look like new. I just got a couple cans of PJ1 Sandable Primer and a couple cans of Yamaha Silver Case Paint 500F and well as DupilColor High Heat with Ceramic 1200 Degree (Alluminium Color) which I'm hoping to spray on the cylinder head. Any Advice?? Just read on another forum where a guy said his bike started to overhead after painting those parts ???

Look forward to hearing from you all.

I used silver smoothrite spray on my lower crank case.

I would stick to bead blasted bare metal on the cyl head if you can.

I have used matt black paint on the head before which may be an option.

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