07 YZ450F Turning Report - RedBud

:crazy: RedBud... best riding I've experienced in MI!!! This track presented a good test ground for my bikes turning woe's (and my less than stellar abilities!!). Here's what I found... to eliminate the pushing... front fork raised 5mm and sag at 95mm. Also, the smoother your cornering (carry speed in then roll the throttle open) and more body position (put some pressure on the bars) plus lean the bike over, the sensation disappeared. ... I guess to sum it all up, the 07 requires more rider input, trust and smooth throttle to make it happen.

I'm a C class rider so maybe the above won't apply to the A and B guys. Just though I would share this experience and maybe save you a few bucks.

Interested to know if anyone else has found the same.

I'm a "F" class rider....it helped me! Thanks!

I'm a "F" class rider....it helped me! Thanks!

I wish there was an "F" class, I still get my butt kicked by 13 yr old racers on 85's...........sad really.......but those little punks dont have to worry about making it to work on Monday, I swear, being responsible holds me back......

No kidding. On last ride, it was a full open session and I got to stare at the rear wheel of an 85 as the little guy whipped a big double. Work and family does put a damper on it.

Someone once asked me, "Don't you think that big 4th gear table top on the front straight is dangerous?"

I said, "Not the way I do it."

-J. Weisel

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