air box

I have one of these airboxes on my '00 YZ426. Not only is this airbox a work of art, but it also flows more air and adds strength to the subframe. The way this aluminum airbox mounts to the subframe, it becomes an integral and reenforcing member. Also, Jesse Kein is one helluva nice guy willing to help you with any problem you have. One of the biggest assets of this airbox setup is that you can change an airfilter in 2 minutes without removing the seat or sidepanels. The box has 4 dzusa(sp?) fasteners on the left twist those 90 degrees, and off pops the side plate...whip out the filter....push a new one in....slip the side plate back on...turn the 4 dzusa fasteners with a wide blade screwdriver, and you're done.

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It does look like a work of art and it does look like you would have great air flow, but how much weight did it add?

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